[Bug 24141] Consider the interaction of ArrayClass and concat()

# bugzilla at jessica.w3.org (3 years ago)


Jonas Sicking jonas@sicking.cc changed:

       What    |Removed                     |Added

             CC|                            |jonas@sicking.cc

--- Comment #1 from Jonas Sicking jonas@sicking.cc ---

Let's just do what's proposed in bug 23682 and get rid of ArrayClass

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# bugzilla at jessica.w3.org (7 months ago)


Domenic Denicola d@domenic.me changed:

       What    |Removed                     |Added

         Status|NEW                         |RESOLVED
     Resolution|---                         |WONTFIX
             CC|                            |d@domenic.me

--- Comment #2 from Domenic Denicola d@domenic.me ---

Since it seems like ArrayClass is legacy, let's not do this.

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