[psa] Added a preview and html diff bot to GitHub

# Tobie Langel (8 months ago)

Heads up that I added a small bot that automatically appends links to the HTML preview and HTML diff of the proposed changes to pull requests (and keeps up to date), e.g.: [#180].

Pull requests with multiple commits get an expandable section with per commit links, e.g.: #183.

You can easily add one or multiple anchors in the generated comment that are automatically added to all links [anchors]. This makes it super simple to navigate directly to the affected sections of the spec when reviewing the PR.

Because it only modifies the initial issue, this bot won't create an comment spam.

I created this bot because I was always struggling to understand pull request changes in context. I imagine other people new to this spec have similar issues and I'm hoping it will help the larger community get more involved with this spec.

The bot's source code is available on GitHub src.

Questions, comments and change requests are of course welcomed.


[anchors]: gist.github.com/tobie/bd9570f121c4aeb5fb619d651af677f2#file-issue-src-txt-L8-L10

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