Call for Wide Review of TTML2 WD for Web Platform WG

# Thierry MICHEL (2 months ago)

Dear Web Platform Working Group,

The W3C Timed Text Working Group has recently published a new working draft of the Timed Text Markup Language 2 (TTML2).

TTML2, provides a standardized representation of a particular subset of textual information with which stylistic, layout, and timing semantics are associated by an author or an authoring system for the purpose of interchange and processing. In addition to being used for interchange among legacy distribution content formats, TTML Content may be used directly as a distribution format, providing, for example, a standard content format to reference from a <track> element in an HTML5 document, or a <text> or <textstream>

media element in a [SMIL 3.0] document.

The TTML2 specification updates the TTML1 specification by adding vocabulary and semantics to address more of its core requirements, including the addition of support for:

 raster images (both foreground and background)
 author supplied fonts
 audio descriptions and text to speech
 ruby text annotations
 improved vertical line layout
 text emphasis, kerning, letter spacing, shadows, and variants
 inline block layout
 stereoscopic presentation (for 3-D viewing)
 high definition resolution (HDR) presentation
 continuous animation
 conditional element semantics
 improved metadata extensibility
 formalized intermediate document syntax
 various other improvements and bug fixes

The TTWG invites you to review this draft, and requests comments to be received by 30 Sept 2017. These comments will be used to fulfill the W3C Process [3] requirement for Wide Review of drafts, and Horizontal Review [4] prior to publication as Candidate Recommendation.

If you wish to make comments regarding this document, please send them to with [ttml2] at the start of your email's subject. All comments are welcome, however the scope of review will be mainly focused on the new features introduced in TTML2.

A cumulative summary of all changes applied to this version since the current (TTML1, 2nd Edition) Recommendation was published is available for your convenience [5].

[1] TTML2 latest version [2] TTML1 Recommendation [3] W3C Process [4] Horizontal Review [5]

Kind regards,

On behalf of Nigel Megitt, co-Chair, W3C Timed Text Working Group Thierry Michel, Staff Contact for TTWG.

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# Thierry MICHEL (a day ago)

This is a reminder for the Call for Review of TTML2 ending 30 Sept 2017 (see previous message bellow).

Kind regards, On behalf of Nigel Megitt, co-Chair, W3C Timed Text Working Group Thierry Michel, Staff Contact for TTWG.

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