New 120Hz iPad with Variable Refresh Rate: Standardizing in HTML

# Mark Rejhon (10 hours ago)

Yesterday, Apple announced 120Hz and variable refresh rate support on iPads, permitting true 24fps @ 24Hz as well as 48fps @ 48Hz for smooth video playback.

As a result, the priority of adding variable refresh rate support to HTML 5.2 has dramatically jumped upwards in priority. Even the WebKit people are beginning to ask me questions.

I have completely rewritten the description of Issue #375 at W3C: w3c/html#375

I have a proposal written in these two new comments: PHASE 1: w3c/html#375 PHASE 2: w3c/html#375 I would like your comments before writing this into the HTML 5.2 standard;

Sincerely, Mark Rejhon Invited Expert, Variable Refresh Rates / 120Hz+

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