Release Candidate - JSON Cleartext Signature

# Anders Rundgren (2 days ago)

I have written about this before but here is an update that may be of some interest.

The IETF JOSE WG finished their work on JSON based cryptographic solutions 2015.

Although a truly awesome piece of work, the JOSE WG didn't really consider systems based on JSON messaging which has lead to a bunch of external developments having one thing in common; they do not wrap messages in Base64.

Anyway, I have tried (to the best of my ability...) reusing as much as possible of the JOSE stack in a recently upgraded version of JCS (JSON Cleartext Signature):

JCS combines ES6 (JavaScript version 6) JavaScript/JSON Serialization with JWA (JSON Web Algorithms) and JWK (JSON Web Key). That is, JCS is firmly based on industry standards, only the "packaging" is special.

I consider the current incarnation as ready. It already runs on some of the most popular platforms out there including Chrome, Node.js, Android , Java .


  • With the help of a free support library
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