Resolved: agreed Re: CfC: Stop work on the Shadow DOM standalone spec

# Chaals McCathie Nevile (2 days ago)


with positive response and no dissent expressed, this proposal becomes a

We are aware that there are people who would like to continue having a
separate specification. We invited input on the CfC - noting that at a
minimum it would help to have an editor prepared to do the work. We take
the lack of dissent expressed and of offers to take up the work of
maintaining a specification as a sign that there is not strong opposition
to the proposal.

The WG will republish the Shadow DOM spec draft as a Working Group Note,
explaining that the standalone specification will no longer be developed
and the work of the group on Shadow DOM will instead contribute to the DOM
specification and others (such as HTML) as appropriate.

The chairs would like to thank Hayato Ito from Google who was the editor
of the Shadow DOM spec, as well as the many who work on Shadow DOM or have
worked on it over the years.

We also express our gratitude to Yongsheng Zhu from Alibaba, who as editor
of DOM 4.1 will be taking on more work...

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