Review request: Preload

# Yoav Weiss (7 days ago)

Hey Web Platform WG!

The Web Performance Working Group has developed the Preload specification []( which provides developers with a

declarative fetch primitive, and enables them to decouple resource loading from their execution.

The WG invites you to review the latest draft of this specification, which it believes is ready to transition to Candidate Recommendation:

The specification extends the <link> attribute with a "preload" rel

value as well as the as attribute, which indicates the request destination of the preloaded resource to the browser.

Your feedback on the specification is most welcome! The preferred method for providing such feedback is by opening an issue on w3c/preload/issues

If possible, I'd highly appreciate if you could complete the review before October 16th, so that we can address any eventual comments and complete the transition before TPAC.

Thanks! :) Yoav

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# Léonie Watson (2 days ago)

Thanks for asking WebPlat to review this Yoav.

WebPlat, if anyone has time to take a look, please do. Wide review feedback is invaluable, and your help is appreciated.


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