RfC: wide review of Sensor APIs Pre-CR WDs

# Kostiainen, Anssi (3 days ago)

Platform WG,

The Device and Sensors Working Group requests review of the following specification before 2017-12-31:

Generic Sensor API www.w3.org/TR/generic-sensor

Including the following concrete sensor specifications that extend the Generic Sensor API:

Ambient Light Sensor www.w3.org/TR/ambient-light

Accelerometer www.w3.org/TR/accelerometer

Gyroscope www.w3.org/TR/gyroscope

Magnetometer www.w3.org/TR/magnetometer

Orientation Sensor www.w3.org/TR/orientation-sensor

Informative background material (not in scope of the wide review):

Motion Sensors Explainer w3c.github.io/motion-sensors

Sensor Use Cases w3c.github.io/sensors/usecases

In particular the group requests review of the use of Web IDL.

The group requests feedback via the respective specifications' GitHub repositories, or via email to public-device-apis@w3.org.

These publications are Pre-Candidate Recommendation Drafts under the 2017 Process [1]. Therefore, the group is looking for confirmation that it has satisfied its relevant technical requirements and dependencies with other groups.


-Anssi (Device and Sensors WG Chair)

[1] www.w3.org/wiki/DocumentReview

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