Web Platform WG review of the Remote Playback API?

# Francois Daoust (5 hours ago)

Dear Web Platform Working Group,

The Second Screen Working Group developed the Remote Playback API, which extends the HTMLMediaElement interface to enable controlling remote playback of media from a web page.

Different reviews of the Remote Playback API took place already but the Second Screen WG never asked you to review the specification explicitly. This message is meant to repair this situation 😉

The WG invites you to review the latest draft of this specification, which it believes is ready to transition to Candidate Recommendation: w3c.github.io/remote-playback

In particular, this specification proposes to extend the HTMLMediaElement interface with a new "disableRemotePlayback" content attribute to disable the possibility to play the media element remotely: w3c.github.io/remote-playback/#extensions-to-htmlmediaelement

Please note as well the remaining issue detailed in the Status of This Document section about the list of media playback features that remote playback devices are expected to support. As noted in the Status of This Document section, the "group will seek further developer feedback and implementation experience to identify any interoperability issues around these features when used during remote playback, and will further clarify the specification based on feedback received".

Your feedback on the aspects mentioned above and/or on the rest of the specification is very welcome! You may provide comments using the most convenient method for you among:

  • creating an issue on the Remote Playback API GitHub repository: w3c/remote-playback/issues
  • sending an email to the Second Screen WG mailing-list: public-secondscreen@w3.org
  • replying to this message

If possible, I'd like to ask you to complete the review by 10 October, so that the group may transition to Candidate Recommendation before TPAC, but let me know if that is too short a deadline!

Thanks, Francois, Team Contact for the Second Screen Working Group

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