Credman now re-merged (was: Splitting "Credential Management"?

# Hodges, Jeff (a month ago)

fyi/fwiw, as MikeW notes in [](

cough To make things more confusing (but hopefully less confusing in the long term!), I've now folded those two documents back into :)




On 3/16/17, 6:26 AM, "Mike West" wrote:

Hey folks!

While re-reading through the Credential Management API, I realized that the extension mechanisms aren't at all clear. As a thought exercise, I'm mostly finished with splitting the document into a generic API that defines the high-level architecture (, and a document that specifies PasswordCredential and FederatedCredental as an extension (

WDYT? Is this a sane division? Does it actually make the integration points clearer by forcing us to use them, or is it more confusing than not to have the pieces in distinct documents?

CCing some specific folks who might be interested.

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