Teleconference Oct 18: setting TPAC agenda (short)

# Daniel Veditz (3 days ago)

We will be having our scheduled teleconference this week (Wednesday, October 18, 9am PDT, 1600 UTC). Plan on a 30 minute meeting focused on setting the agenda for TPAC (Nov 6,7).

New coordinates for the webex calls are posted member-only visible here:

[]( -Dan Veditz


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# Chris Palmer (2 days ago)

I don't have creds for the webex info, but if possible I'd like to talk about public key pinning at TPAC.

# Wendy Seltzer (2 days ago)

While I won't be able to join you, the bots should be in-channel and ready to record the meeting.

See you at TPAC -- and make sure you've made plans if you're coming to Burlingame next month.


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