AppleWin/WinCairo Resources

# Stephan.Szabo at (8 days ago)

While working with (non-legacy) WebKit for WinCairo, we realized that we need to support loading the missingImage and similar resources.

On, Fujii-san mentioned that it'd probably be the time to fix the fixme at WebKit/webkit/blob/c4b88ee56e4f77201ffdcaf6a5988cbc43e199f3/Source/WebKitLegacy/win/WebKitDLL.cpp#L171 for loadResourceIntoBuffer. Is there any reason that sharing the loading code, the actual resource files, rc file or resource.h would be a problem (especially for AppleWin)? And, if we want to share them, are there suggestions about where to move those files? Could we move it down to WebCore to be shared?

Thanks, Stephan

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# Alex Christensen (2 hours ago)

I don’t think there’s a fundamental reason why the resources and code can’t be moved. Just make sure everything still works

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