Can we remove ENABLE_STREAMS_API compile flag?

# Tetsuharu OHZEKI (13 days ago)

As I see the following codes and grep, I seem today's all (?) ports of WebKit have enabled ENABLE_STREAMS_API flag by default.

If my assumption is right, I'd like to propose to remove this ENABLE_STREAMS_API flag.

What do you think about this? If I missed some ports, please tell me about them.

-- Tetsuharu OHZEKI tetsuharu.ohzeki at

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# youenn fablet (13 days ago)

This would be a nice simplification.

Le ven. 19 juin 2020 à 01:02, Tetsuharu OHZEKI

<tetsuharu.ohzeki at> a écrit :

# Tetsuharu OHZEKI (3 days ago)

There are no objections after 5 business days. I'll start to work this in

-- Tetsuharu OHZEKI tetsuharu.ohzeki at

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