[Deadline October 30] Dropping support for Arm traditional (no Thumb2)?

# Guillaume Emont (2 days ago)

With this email, I would like to express the intent of dropping support for Armv7 traditional (without the Thumb2 extension) from the tree.

Though we at Igalia are willing to continue supporting Armv7 with Thumb2 extension, we don't have any need for the support of platforms lacking Thumb2. Currently, this combination is broken and does not even compile. The proposed change means that going forward, the only Arm 32-bit architecture supported in LLInt, JIT and DFG would be Armv7 with the Thumb2 extension. Other variants would have to resort to using LLInt with the CLoop.

We currently have a buildbot for Armv7 Traditional[1] and we plan to remove it.

If anyone cares for this specific platform, and wants to step forward to do the maintenance work for it and set up their buildbot for it, please say so before October 30 (a week+ from now). Otherwise I'll assume nobody cares about this and I'll work on a patch to remove all the code we have that is specific to Arm traditional.



[1] build.webkit.org/builders/JSCOnly%20Linux%20ARMv7%20Traditional%20Release

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