EWS bubbles not loading for some users

# Aakash Jain (7 hours ago)

There were some DNS changes done yesterday for webkit.org webkit.org. It seems to be causing EWS bubbles not to load for some users. For those users, ews.webkit.org, ews.webkit.org is redirecting to bugs.webkit.org bugs.webkit.org instead of displaying 'EWS for WebKit.' This issue seems to be affecting new EWS, but not the old EWS (so 'style', 'jsc' and 'win' bubbles might still show up).

We are actively looking into it.

Thanks Aakash

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# Aakash Jain (2 hours ago)

The issue has been resolved. Please let me know if anyone still notice any issue with EWS.

Thanks Aakash

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