Feedback on Blink's text fragment directive proposal

# David Bokan (2 days ago)

Hello webkit-dev,

I'd like to solicit feedback as well as an official position from Webkit on our proposal for the text fragment directive: WICG/ScrollToTextFragment.

In summary: this is a feature that allows authors and users to craft URLs to pages and specify a snippet of text on the page as a subresource (visually highlighting it and scrolling it into view). Analogous to element-id based fragment anchors but for text.

You can try this out today in Chrome Beta by enabling chrome://flags/#enable-text-fragment-anchor. Here's an example link:,element%20into%20view

Relevant Links:


Explainer WICG/ScrollToTextFragment/blob/master/


TAG Review w3ctag/design-reviews#392 (Currently Suspended) Blink Intent Thread!msg/blink-dev/zlLSxQ9BA8Y/NLbg84m0EAAJ

Issue on Mozilla standards-positions mozilla/standards-positions#194

We've been using the GitHub repo for issue tracking but happy to take feedback (official or otherwise) in any form.

Thank you!

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