Intent to remove FileError

# Tetsuharu OHZEKI (3 days ago)

I'm not sure that we have a kind of this process, but I think this mail might be helpful for some developers relying on this legacy interface.


I removed FileError as a web-exposed interface. By this change, FileReader.error uses DOMException instead.


AFAIK, FileError was used in the earlier spec about 10 years ago.

And it had been changed to DOMError but it was also replaced to DOMException in 2017. w3c/FileAPI#11

Other browsers followed this spec change several years ago, but WebKit is still exposing this interface.

Thus I removed FileError as a web-exposed interface in bug 213117.

I plan to remove internal usages for FileError.{h,cpp} in bug 213119.

-- Tetsuharu OHZEKI tetsuharu.ohzeki at

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