macOS EWS queues down for maintenance

# Aakash Jain (2 days ago)

We are in process of upgrading our macOS bots from High Sierra to Mojave,

We are noticing some unexpected configuration issues. For now, we have paused most of macOS EWS queues while we do the upgrade and fix any configuration issues on the bots.

We will try to keep the downtime to minimum. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Thanks Aakash

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# Aakash Jain (2 days ago)

Quick Update: we are still working on updating the bots and resolving any issues. We also upgraded hardware for few of the bots (from MacPro5,1 to MacPro 6,1). We expect it to be finished by tomorrow.

Thanks Aakash

# Aakash Jain (17 hours ago)

The upgrade is complete and all the queues are back online (as of this morning).

We are noticing some layout-test failures on mac-debug-wk1 queue and currently investigating it, tracked in

If you notice any issue, please let us know.

Thanks Aakash

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