New EWS queues for tvOS and watchOS

# Aakash Jain (4 days ago)

I am happy to announce that we have added new EWS queues for tvOS and watchOS. From now on, you would see four new status bubbles (on Bugzilla bug) named: tv, tv-sim, watch, watch-sim (corresponding to device and simulator builds for watchOS and tvOS). This should help in preventing any accidental build breakage on these platforms.

Please let me know if you notice any issue.

Thanks Aakash

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# Yusuke Suzuki (3 days ago)


Is watchOS build ARMv7k? Or is it ARM64_32?

# Keith Miller (2 days ago)

It looks like just arm64_32.

# Aakash Jain (13 hours ago)

I just modified watchOS EWS queue to build both arm64_32 and armv7k architectures (in Thanks Yusuke for pointing it out.

Also, in the process, I figured out that the build for armv7k was in fact broken. Thanks Jonathan for fixing that (in

As always, please let me know if you notice any issue or have any feedback.

Thanks Aakash

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