Position on emerging standard: Declarative Shadow DOM

# Mason Freed (18 hours ago)

Hello WebKit!

I would like to request an official WebKit position on the Declarative Shadow DOM proposal. There have been some great comments and discussion from WebKit folks on the issue thread, but it is a bit unclear whether the overall proposal is something WebKit would support. This was brought up and discussed, e.g., on the DOM spec PR here: whatwg/dom#858

Please see below for all of the relevant supporting documents and discussions.

Explainer: mfreed7/declarative-shadow-dom/blob/master/README.md WhatWG DOM Issue discussion: whatwg/dom#831 HTML Spec PR: whatwg/html#5465 DOM Spec PR: whatwg/dom#858 TAG review: w3ctag/design-reviews#494 Request for Mozilla Position: mozilla/standards-positions#335

Thanks, Mason Freed

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