Recent EWS improvements

# Aakash Jain (2 months ago)

I just wanted to update everyone with the recent improvements I have made to new EWS. As always, please feel encouraged to provide any feedback (either by filing bugs or contacting me directly).

New Features: EWS status-bubble now display position in queue while patch is waiting to be processed Added webkitpy and bindings-tests EWS (moved from old to new EWS) Status bubbles for webkitpy and bindings-tests EWS now display the exact test failures in hover-over message (,,,

Added support for 'new EWS' in webkit-patch tool Added 'EWS Build Archives' (similar to 'WebKit Build Archives', For every patch uploaded to Bugzilla, EWS builders build the patch for various platforms (currently macOS and iOS) and upload the archives to S3. These archives are available to download by anyone (for 14 days). The S3 URL is in corresponding build (e.g.: notice 'uploaded archive' link in, So, if for any reason, you want to get a built archive for your patch, you can simply upload the patch to Bugzilla. (Note that if there is interest in this, we can enhance it further)

Infrastructure Improvements: Flakiness in API tests has been reduced (thanks to many WebKit developers) Infrastructure improvements to prevent build failure due to "worker not pinged" (e.g.:,

New EWS polls bugzilla more frequently,

Configured DEBUG mode appropriately for Production and Development env,

Ensured that Buildbot worker logs are not lost on restarting worker Do not run clean build by default on EWS builders (to improve efficiency), and starting sharing code (although very little as of now, however the plan is to share more code)

Added migrations file to repository,

Added EWS bots information to Internal scripts to easily monitor bots Added more unit-tests

Bug fixes: Clicking 'submit to new ews' doesn't reload status-bubble,

Clicking on white bubble navigates to page with only bubbles,

Submit to EWS buttons are not aligned properly with status-bubbles,

Status bubble should turn orange when any build step fails,

Handle bug titles with unicode characters,

Scripts using Buildbot API have CORS error,

PrintConfiguration should display Xcode version instead of SDKVersion,

Trigger queues only after uploading the archive,

Do not upload archive when Compile Fails,

Exception while loading status-bubble when no build step has started,

Use singular verb in failure description in case of single api test failure,

EWS should clearly indicate flaky test failures,

Use explicit imports instead of wildcard imports,

New EWS: patches on recently added queues listed as #1 for older bugs,

Improved summary text for various build steps

Interesting info: Since last month, 'EWS for API tests' prevented API test breakage on 50+ patches (,

Thanks Aakash

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# Aakash Jain (9 days ago)

I want to update everyone with the further improvements I have made to new EWS. As always, please feel encouraged to provide any feedback (either by filing bugs or contacting me directly).

New Features:

  • Launched 'Security EWS'
  • Added iOS-12 Builder queue on new EWS (moved from old to new EWS)
  • Added WPE and GTK queues on new EWS (moved from old to new EWS)
  • New EWS can now process large patches (larger than 640kb),

Infrastructure Improvements:

Bug fixes:

Thanks Aakash

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