Request for feedback on CompressionStream and DecompressionStream

# Adam Rice (2 days ago)

I am trying to gauge feedback on compression streams with a view to shipping them in Chromium.

Very briefly, they are a way to do gzip and gunzip in the browser. Less briefly, the explainer WICG/compression/blob/master/ goes into some detail of the how and why. The specification gives verbose detail of how. You may also find the W3C TAG review w3ctag/design-reviews#410 interesting.

Any and all feedback is welcome!

FAQ: Q. Will this support brotli, zstd, etc.? A. Not yet. It's on the radar.

Thanks, Adam Rice, Chromium

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# Thomas Steiner (2 days ago)

You can see DecompressionStream in action in unarchiver, this is the relevant code

snippet GoogleChromeLabs/unarchiver/blob/db884403c6a33b41b97600bf2706f59c9bf39cb5/pages/index.js#L46 (run it in Chrome 79+ with the chrome://flags/#native-file-system-api and the chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features flags set).

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