Request for position on Azimuth/Altitude for Pointer Events

# Liviu Tinta (20 hours ago)

Hello WebKit-dev,

I'd like to ask for Webkit's official position on adding Azimuth/Altitude to Pointer Events as described in [1]. The proposal was discussed by the Pointer Events Working Group and Pointer Events specification was updated [2]. The discussion and specification update happened in [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]. Mozilla standards-position: mozilla/standards-positions#411 TAG Review: w3ctag/design-reviews#537

[1] Explainer: [2] Pointer Events : [3] PE Issue 321: w3c/pointerevents#321 [4] PE Issue 320: w3c/pointerevents#320 [5] PE Issue 274: w3c/pointerevents#274 [6] PE PR 316: w3c/pointerevents#316 [7] PE PR 322: w3c/pointerevents#322 [8] PE PR 323: w3c/pointerevents#323 [9] PEWG minutes:

Thank you, Liviu Tinta

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# Dean Jackson (15 hours ago)

Since I was the originator of w3c/pointerevents#274, w3c/pointerevents#274 I guess I should reply :)

Yes, we support this addition (and we already have an implementation on iOS, which we'll update if necessary).


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