Request for position on Media Feeds

# Becca Hughes (a day ago)


I would like to request an official position on Media Feeds.

Explainer: WICG/media-feeds/blob/master/ Chrome Status: TAG review: w3ctag/design-reviews#477

Thanks, Becca

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# Maciej Stachowiak (a day ago)

Without having read the spec in detail, the first thing I wonder is why not use RSS for this purpose? That seems to be the de facto standard for audio feeds (i.e. podcasts). This is dismissed in a cursory way in the explainer. There’s some more detailed discussion in the issue filed by the TAG: beccahughes/media-feeds#10, which I found eventually. It seems like some of that should go in the Explainer.

Second, it’s not clear to me if this spec has anything that would need to be implemented in the browser engine. Rather, it provides a format for metadata linked from the page, which can optionally be used by the UA in some manner unrelated to processing of web content. Is that correct? (Asking in part to know the right people to ask for an opinion.)

Third, and this is a minor thing, it seems strange that the spec (and parts of its syntax) are called Media Feeds instead of Video Feeds, since audio is explicitly out of scope. Perhaps audio is intended to be added later. If so, that increases the value of aligning with how podcasts are done today.

# Becca Hughes (8 hours ago)
  1. There is a longer discussion about why we didn't use RSS here beccahughes/media-feeds#10. The short version is that RSS does not provide enough detail for our use case, so we went with which is already a pretty established standard which primarily uses JSON for data feeds
    1. Yes this is correct
    2. At the moment our focus is on videos but if we plan to support more features such as audio it will likely be beyond podcasts e.g. music and will therefore require much more detailed data than what podcast feeds can provide today (such as detailed, artist, album and playlist info). One thing we are also thinking about it is adding support for Actions which would allow a user agent to show a like/dislike button in the UI and make a post in the background when they are clicked. This is easily achievable with but not with RSS.

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