Request for position on MediaRecorder constant bitrate audio encoding

# Simon Jackson (5 days ago)

Hello WebKit-dev,

I'd like to ask for Webkit's official position on a change to the editors draft of the mediacapture-record specification to make it possible to request either constant or variable bitrate audio encoding from the MediaRecorder.

A new enumeration (BitrateMode) has been added for specifying either constant or variable bitrate for audio encoding, MediaRecorderOptions has an extra field called audioBitrateMode for requesting a specific bitrate mode from the MediaRecorder and a field was added to MediaRecorder for retrieving the bitrate mode being used for encoding.



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# youenn fablet (2 days ago)

I think CBR for MediaRecorder is fine. It also got consensus within the WebRTC WG.

Le ven. 31 juil. 2020 à 10:53, Simon Jackson

<simon.jackson at> a écrit :

# Simon Jackson (a day ago)

Great, thanks! I will update the Chrome status with a positive signal for webkit.

Thanks again, Simon

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