WPT at the WebKit Contributors Meeting

# Stephen Mcgruer (4 days ago)

Philip (foolip at chromium.org) and I wanted to thank you all for welcoming us at the WebKit Contributors Meeting last week to talk about Improving Interop with WPT0 (web-platform-tests). We felt there was great dialog about WebKit and WPT, and we hope to keep that going looking forward.

We have opened a few issues tracking items that were discussed at the meeting, including adding WebKitGTK to the UI1 (fixed!), improving WebKit --> WPT export2, and adding download links on the wpt.fyi dashboard3.

We also intend to publish our methodology for the 'browser-specific failures' graph by the end of the year (including making it easy for anyone to run the same analysis).

Please feel free to voice questions, concerns, or ideas via:

  1. Issues filed on our github repository for web-platform-tests4 or the wpt.fyi dashboard5, or
  2. Email to smcgruer at chromium.org and foolip at chromium.org.

We also accept pull requests, of course!

Thanks, Stephen & Philip

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# Ryosuke Niwa (a day ago)

Thanks for coming to the contributor's meeting and making a representation. We enjoyed your presentation & we had a really productive discussion. The WebKit team at Apple is putting a lot of effort into improving our WPT pass rate going forward as Maciej presented so we're looking forward to working with you all :)


  • R. Niwa
# Philip J├Ągenstedt (20 hours ago)

Thanks Ryosuke, this was definitely a worthwhile trip for me! I was especially encouraged to see that the focus on engine-specific tests resonated and in fact that there was already work in motion to look into it.

While smoother import/export wasn't a big topic and not seen as urgent by anyone on the WebKit side, I think the extra friction would soon become evident when trying to address WebKit-specific failures at scale. Pablo at Igalia is look into the options for this now, and feedback from the wider WebKit community would be great: web-platform-tests/wpt-pr-bot#100

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