Web Components F2F meeting Logistics (5-6 March, Tokyo)

# Takayoshi Kochi (3 days ago)

The scheduled F2F meeting for Web Components is only 2 weeks away! The meeting will be held at Google Tokyo office for 2 days, March 5-6 (Mon-Tue).

If you haven't put your name on the page w3c/WebPlatformWG/blob/gh-pages meetings/18-03-Web-components.md Please feel free to file a PR to include your name, or mail me directly.

Also, let's sort out our agenda on w3c/webcomponents#713 I will try curating this week.

The detailed logistics on these days will be announced again in next week. We plan to provide light-breakfast and lunch on both days.

Here's general information about how to get to the venue (note: this was for the BlinkOn event last September, but most of the things still apply): docs.google.com/document/d/1eabGyPuFpYUeEgsK9xMKunzjMSS1u ly_n7OfCJoLftI/edit Average weather in March in Tokyo: High - 13C / 55F Low - 5C / 41F

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